What is Square Dance?


Square Dance is an American folk dance, developed over a couple of years to what it is nowadays.

Square Dance arose from European folkdances in the pioneer days. Today it is danced all over the world.

A group of 4 couples in the shape of a square dance the Square Dance.

A caller is calling the combinations of different figures (calls) and  music. The caller chooses the sequence of the figures so the dance can always be created in various styles. The dancers learn the figures in a class and after graduation it is possible to dance everywhere because the names of the calls and the way of dancing is standard worldwide.

The most popular music for Square Dance is Country- and Western but also Jazz, Musical or Popmusic.

Square Dance is a dance that gets danced in a rythmic, flewing manner, most important is fun, politeness,

friendlyness and friendship among the „Community“.

The caller always calls in English – a translation would be impossible. So it can be danced allover the world in the same language, since the calls are explained in the class it is not necessary to speak or understand English.


Gentlemen wear regular long trousers and a long sleeve-shirt; that is a must, although they may start to sweat.

Ladies may wear short sleeves.  From the popular square dance skirt or – dress with a pettycoat or the traditional dress from the pioneer days: everything is possible.

Square Dance is for everybody, regardless of age. Rank and status get left at the dressing-room outside,

we talk to each other on a first name basis and have lots of fun together.

Square Dance in general

In or around Germany meanwhile there are more than 450 clubs, all connected to the EAASDC

(European Association of American Square Dance Clubs e. V.)

Twice a year EAASDC chooses the clubs that had requested to host the 3-day-event of the „Spring-

And Fall Round Up Jamboree“.

Also Callers and Cuers are organized by an association, called „ECTA“.

Every club offers - mostly in fall - a Square-Dance-Class for beginners,

the figures / calls are the same so worldwide it is danced in the same manner.

Guests are always welcome.

We don’t dance any competitions or races but only have fun and friendship.

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