Who are we - the Heidelberg Hoedowners?


Das Badge der Heidelberg Hoedowners


Established in 1955 by American officers the Heidelberg Hoedowners is one of the oldest Square Dance Clubs in Europe.

Originally an American Club – more and more Germans found their way to the Heidelberg Hoedowners.

Unfortunately we now only have a few American members.

Heidelberg Hoedowners is also an establishing member of the EAASDC (European Association of American

Square Dancing Clubs).

EAASDC is the Unity for all Square Dance, Round Dance and Clogging Clubs in Central Europe.

Besides weekly clubnights with an afterparty the Heidelberg Hoedownders regularly offer specials to their members and guests like barbecues, trips, potluck-parties etc.   These activities help to manifest friendship.

Every year around Valentine’s day we have our special „Valentine’s Castle Dance“. Many dancers meet for

dancing and friendship at that event.

Many popular callers have already called at the Valentine’s Castle Dance.

Unfortunately this can not take place at the Heidelberg Castle anymore. Since ’97 we had held this special dance at the beautiful Village Pavillion Ballroom at P.H.V. (American Housing Area near Heidelberg).

Since 2001 due to security we can not enter this area anymore, so we had to move to other locations.

You can fiew pictures under „Valentine’s Castle Dance“.

We offer a Square Dance class regularly, to help interested people to gain new friends and to have fun with a new hobby. Of course, guests – dancing or not – are always welcome.


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